Writer Newsletter 1

I have emailed my first Writer Newsletter to my supportive writing community. This felt so good and its something really concrete.
My writing is for and about strong women who dealing with, or have overcome adversity in their lives. Some would say that adversity is a natural part of all women’s lives. I agree.

“Being a woman is hard work”
        Maya Angelou

That is not to say that men don’t have challenges to overcome, they do. This Newsletter is also for all the men who support the women in their lives, wives, girlfriends, lovers, sisters, mothers, friends. You are welcome to join our Tribe.

What do I mean by Tribe?

A tribe is a group of individuals who are joined together by common ideas and form a community. In this case the community is strong women and supportive men, and the ideas are open to discussion, but will centre on overcoming challenge and adversity and supporting each other’s development.

My first novel is a psychological thriller, written around a central character or protagonist, Kate; a young psychologist who becomes the target of a cold-blooded psychopath. Her main drive is to rid society of dangerous men such as James McCain and in doing so she is forced to confront her own internal demons and fight to lay them to rest.
The working title is : Under Her Skin.

Alongside this novel, I’m gathering research for a different type of book about the psychology of strong women, their narratives and what gives meaning to their lives. A possible title is : Live Strong, Live Happy and it will contain a solid self-help core.

You can post your responses here, or email me, and be part of a community of strong women and contribute to the Tribal discussions. Also Tweet if you want to.


Email: suepattison99@yahoo.com

Twitter: @pattisonwriter