My 500 words Challenge

This is a brilliant challenge and much better than making New Year resolutions that never seem to work out. By taking this challenge to write 500 words a day, every day, for the whole of January (at least), I have managed to produce my second Writer’s Newsletter and complete The first chapter of my book, Under Her Skin.
It’s a fabulous challenge, check it out on this link:

Writer Newsletter 2

I hope you enjoyed the first newsletter. I’ve had some very positive feedback from several readers regarding introducing my novel ‘Under Her Skin’, with comments such as “send me Chapter One now”.

In my first Newsletter I introduced Kate, a young psychologist who becomes the target of a cold-blooded psychopath. Escape the cold, dark, damp English January and curl up
on the sofa with a glass of whatever hits the spot for you (at this time of year a mellow Merlot or Malbec does it for me), kick off your shoes and read Chapter One: Darkness and Deceit. In this chapter you will meet for the first time several characters, the major ones are Kate, forensic psychologist and James, smooth, rich, cold-blooded psychopath. Other characters include Nadia, abused prostitute and whistle blower; Anton, James’ London manservant and chauffeur; Robert, his Scottish butler; Morag, his Scottish housekeeper; and Tom his Scottish chauffeur and gamekeeper.

Let me know what you think of the chapter, the characters and what the chapter/characters  did for you, share with me your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I’m working on Chapter Two, which should be ready by February and could benefit from your inout. 

Check out my blog, where I will also be posting material from the Newsletter and other stuff. You can post your responses, be part of a community of strong women and contribute to the Tribal discussions. Also Tweet if you want to.

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